Everybody needs somebody to love

This morning I woke up to a news (in Elle, People, etc) that the print of the painting that Prince Harry bought for Meghan Markle, is now available here. While the original cost a few thousand pounds, the prints are available between £599 and £799. It’s limited edition, and is numbered and signed by the artist. That brings us to who the artist is. It’s a British artist called Van Donna. The name is a pseudonym, a mix of Van Gogh and Madonna – her two idols. Apparently she has also had another celebrity client own her work – the Beatles star, Ringo Starr. What Prince Harry bought was a black stencil image of a boy and a girl holding hands. It is reminiscent of the ones done by the popular graffiti artist Banksy. A two-panel piece, while one has the couple on it, the other has a string of words. Written in red cursive, it reads – Everybody needs somebody to love. ❤

I tried replicating Donna’s work. And to give it a twist, I did it on two discarded boxes of tea bags. Here’s the result.



Message in a bottle

I am a Nicholas Sparks fan. The Notebook had me in uncontrollable tears, A walk to remember wrenched my heart into a tight twist, and Message in the bottle haunted me for days after. Almost 15 years after I read Message in a bottle, here I am taking a cue from it. In the novel, the protagonist, Theresa Osborne, a columnist, finds a bottle that had drifted ashore, during one of her walks along the beach. It is a moving, heart-melting letter written by a husband to his late wife. Almost possessed with the idea of finding the writer, she sets on a journey, that makes the rest of the story. So after I painted this bottle…


…I decided to leave a message inside it. Nothing profound, but something that gives a sense of how light, easy, and relaxed life can be.


Whoever finds the message, maybe 10, 20 or 50 years from now should know that in the mad rush that the world is in, some days you can afford to slow down. Fetch a bowl of chips, a cup of tea, and a book. Find a spot with a good view, and some breeze. Sometimes, that is all it takes to experience bliss.


The end.



Finding peace

At home.

Finding Art in Trash Challenge: #17

After the four-day buzz of travel, we get a two-day rest at home (before hopping on to a plane again). It’s exciting to see new vistas unfold, to meet with people who speak different languages, and to observe the topography of a city change in a few hundred miles. The constant adrenaline rush and the thirst to know more, to see more, follows us like a shadow, as we taste a new dish, step into a new gallery or watch the sun set in a different State. We come back home with a handful of experiences in our diaries, and some ‘miles’ in our cards. And we are greeted by the familiar softness of the throw on the couch, that painting of red tree on the wall, and the scent that sticks to everything in every room. We are home. And in here, we find a deep-seated peace, more like a pat on a head and a soft whisper that says, ‘All is well’.

This was a Prego Tomato and Basil sauce bottle, until I painted it neon pink 🙂