Finding art in trash: New Challenge

There is something deeply satisfying about finishing a wine bottle and making a vase out of it. Or making a business card holder out of a Chinese take-out box. Or alchemizing the many well-made Amazon prime cardboard containers into bedside table photo stands. A broken wine glass could be your new ashtray, and a burnt out bulb, a personalized paper weight. What started as a quirky hobby, has become an obsession, so much so that, our closet now teems with finished bottles of Dalmores and Moscatos. Piles of cardboard sheets, take out boxes and salsa containers await their chance to get a makeover, and live a second life.

So, this month, I shall attempt to get busy with the inventory of trash, turn them into art pieces, one post at a time. If you guys have any ideas or suggestions, please do feel free to post in the comments section. Hoping this would be as much fun as the One Sketch a Day Challenge that I completed in March.

Happy May, you all!



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