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After the fizz

Finding art in trash Challenge: #10

We have tried quitting. But the fizz and sugar… it just isn’t fair. After what we thought would be our last bottle of coke, we took a resolution: No more aerated drinks in this house.

But with a get together just a week after, we went to Food Lion and bought the biggest bottle of Coke.

Over the week, I ungracefully chugged large portions of it while watching Netflix, when bored, to wash down a sandwich, and sometimes as an alternative to evening tea… The bottle was over in no time.

The very next week, we bought more — packed a bottle of coke, and another of Mountain Dew, to the beach. The bottles drained clean with the ocean as witness. That would have been our last, if not for John Krasinki,

It had been two weeks since we had had any. But last Friday, a friend dropped in in the night, for dinner and movie — Krasinki’s latest, A Quiet Place. He was largely a Burger King loyalist, so we bought a mountain of fries, burgers, and a ‘bucket’ of Coke (for him).

Since we were running against time, the friend left a half full cup of coke behind at our place.

And just like that, the very thing that we had tried to shun, was back in our lives. 

The sketch is inspired by an illustration scene on shutterstock. Scroll down to see the Before image.


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