Color them funny

Ancient Japanese scroll paintings get an anime-style interpretation in Takashi Murakami’s show at MFA Boston

The balloons

How two cute balloons transform into objects of terror in one’s mind.

Making art inclusive

Joseph Gonzales, the newly-appointed executive director of The Delaware Contemporary, aims to make the museum a gathering space for the public, even while maintaining its reputation as a happening spot for contemporary art

Boston beckons

Shopping at Quincy Market, a bike at Mike’s Pastry and a show at Improv Boston…

The book that saw it all

From Chennai to Claymont – my copy of ‘All the light we cannot see’ holds a story even outside its pages

Muse: Chloe

How a thriller inspired a full-blown paint night at home

First snow

Celebrating the season’s first snow as the world gears up for the 80th anniversary of the Disney movie Snow white and the seven dwarfs