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For baby plants

Finding art in trash Challenge: #8

Earlier this month, my sister set up her garden. Mint leaves, and some anonymous flowering plants. Today, on a video call, she walked with the phone in hand to her backyard, where fresh green leaves had unfurled. They looked as if polished with oil, in the morning sun. Her garden smelt of mint and new life.

We have relatives who, while cooking an Indian dish, walk to the corner of the room, pluck a few curry leaves from an indoor pot, and walk back to add the fresh ingredient to their hot pans. There is no greater satisfaction than cooking with vegetables and leaves grown by self, my grandma used to say. She had a backyard full of tomatoes, red chilies, green chilies, papayas, bananas, spinach, pineapples, mangoes, gooseberries, cashew nuts, coconuts, and more, back in my native State, Kerala.

Standing in our patio, in the warmth and glow of the sunlight, my husband and I contemplate on setting up our own garden. How cool would it be to make a lemonade out of lemons grown by us? We are consumed by the idea, and discuss the size of pots, variety of plants, and aesthetics. But soon it dawns on us that every plant we buy comes with a baggage of responsibility.

Our calendars warn us from thinking about pink roses, round lemons, and dark green coriander leaves. Away for weekends, sometimes weeks, for the next few months, it wouldn’t be the best idea to line the patio with a row of pots, we realize. Though we bury our desire to see a flower bloom in our house, a part of us still clings to it secretly. So, now, we have four little pots all ready for some spring time sprouts, just in case.


These were made out of empty cups of Trader Joes’s Banana and Strawberry yogurt.

This photo is from the site OWTK (Out with the Kids). In the excitement of painting them, I forgot to take pictures.

The base is a cardboard piece that came with an Amazon package. I used a metallic brown and black paint mix to give it a varnished wood finish (as seen in the first photo).


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