V-Day: what the statistics show

Behind every gift is a story of many clicks.


My husband and I had planned a romantic cruise to the Bahamas for this Valentine’s day. But our plans saw as much light as WE did in the last week. None. Thanks to the puke-inducing, energy-stripping flu. Not only is it deadly, but also it has no sense of time. We managed to get a refund on our tickets to Orlando, but lost a whopping amount on the cruise tickets. Inside the house, with the rain pelting down outside, the only thing we did besides moping and watching Atonement on Netflix, is refresh our Facebook and Instagram accounts and live vicariously watching others celebrate.

It’s interesting to note the spirit in which the day is celebrated here. The other day, my husband and I were at the bank, and the staff slid before us a bowl of M&Ms – all in different shades of pink. In between asking for our credentials, she dropped in a little suggestion to my husband: ‘Take your wife to Fifty Shades Freed, will you?’ Later when D-Day arrived, my husband and I wished each other in the morning – mainly because it was a large pink elephant in the room that wouldn’t rest without at least an acknowledgement.

He left for work, and I had the whole day to myself. And slowly, I gave in to mob pressure. Though I was working on a serious article on the ancient art form of printmaking, I found myself searching for strawberry cupcake recipes. The next minute, I was off my laptop and in the kitchen, mixing eggs and flour and making strawberry puree. Somehow, I wanted the end product to look a little pink. See how things get inside your head? It’s inevitable.

It’s true! Source: Google trends

So I ended up making 12 cupcakes and a full-fledged strawberry cake with whipped cream vanilla frosting. All on Day 3 of flu. My husband, who was finally well enough to go to office, came back late exhausted and apologetic. He said almost all shops had run out of flowers. Instead, he came home with two cans of soup. That night we ended up having home-cooked garlic-pepper spaghetti and cake in candle light. The next best thing to a cruise trip, I must say.


I let him have the cake and eat it too.


World over, there is a huge pressure to gift that perfect thing to that perfect someone. Expectations need to be met, love needs to be proven with that bunch of roses and peonies. So much so that people start searching for ‘valentine’s day gifts’ from the start of the new year.

trends 2
Look at how the search peaks.  Source: Google trends

Not just gifts…

trends 4
Source: Google trends

And then of course, there are more specific questions to Google.

trends 3
Source: Google trends

Coming back to gifts, I must confess, even while bedridden, I did browse for tonnes of options which included a horn-shaped glass, a Michael Scott coffee mug and ‘World’s best husband’ apron. I ended up buying something that could never go wrong – Lord of the rings trilogy Blu ray. And he bought something that was picture perfect, literally. An instant camera.

As it turns out, search interest for ‘Gift for boyfriend’ was greater than the search interest for ‘Gift for girlfriend’.  Anyway, now that the brouhaha is past us, let’s say Amen to Saint Valentine, and gear up for the long weekend. Happy President’s Day.

trends 5
Source: Google trends