Clear waters and falling branches

A Sunday at Kilgore Falls.


Somewhere in between two snow storms this month on the East Coast, was a sunny pleasant day. And fortunately it was a Sunday. So my husband and I decided to head to Kilgore Falls or The Falling branch Area of Rocks State Park in Harford County, Maryland. True to the name, the water, falling a graceful fall from a height of 17ft, carries with it small branches and lays it down in a cool pool that’s ornate with giant rocks.



This beauty is hidden on the far end of a path that’s laden with embossed roots like the veins on an old man’s hand.


And big fallen trees that try to spook you out.


Some look like the head of a snake.


And some like the fossil of a starfish.


Then there are some that look like a man in slumber.


And some others that are bleeding red.


They try to make our paths narrower.


Block certain exits.


Feign like they might fall on us.


But we look them in the face.


And say that no matter what, we are going to keep marching.


Maybe, we shall take rest for a bit.


And take a selfie or two.


But march, we shall…


Until we find the sweet stream.


Cool, clear waters.


With it, a flush of green.


And a dash of rainbow.


Up the steep steps, we shall go.

(Trivia: These are believed to be constructed by Susquehannock Indians, a North American Indian tribe that lived here in the 1600s.)


To see the origin of the beauty that’s the fall.


And we did.

A wonderful short getaway, Kilgore Falls is the second highest waterfall in Maryland (the highest is Cunningham Falls); this place was a private property until 1993, after which the Department of Natural Resources bought it and made it the Rocks State Park. The name Kilgore comes from the name of one of its previous owners, (not entirely sure) as mentioned in The Zone Magazine.  Now, if you are some place far, and cannot plan a trip anytime soon, a sweet alternative is to watch the Disney movie Tuck Everlasting which has been shot here, or enjoy this set of breathtaking wedding photography at the venue.

Until our next travel.

A dog called Mousse: sketch #6

Spotted at Kilgore Falls, Maryland

If you have read my previous posts, you would know I am not a big fan of dogs. In fact I am petrified of them. Last Sunday, as the sun shone bright in Claymont sky, my husband along with a couple of our friends decided to drive to Kilgore Falls, and do a short trek. It was a wonderful walk through a web of trees, the roots of which greedily spread even across the walking path. We reached a wide stream, which we had to cross to get to the other side and take in the full front view of the falls. We did. And while we were getting shots of us with the gush of water in the background, I saw a couple with a dog, a chocolate brown Labrador. A friend from the group broke away to pet the dog, which I admit looked beautiful and shiny. By this time, my fear had had me climb a narrow staircase of steep steps that led to the top of the waterfall. The friend returned, happy after playing throw-a-stick-and-catch with what he learnt was called Mousse, like chocolate mousse. And with him, trailed along Mousse, awaiting more logs to be thrown at him. Gripped by fear, I put my feet deep into a clear stream of water ahead so as to keep my distance from Mousse, and climbed a path laden with twigs and weeds, like I was saving myself from a monster. Unaware of my run to safety — more like an action-packed escape in a thriller — the rest of the gang stayed back running their hands through Mousse’s fur, the waterfall long forgotten.