Fresh batch of sketches

Over the last one week, I have been sketching quite relentlessly. Trying to reduce the time I take to finish a single sketch. So much so that, I have ended up with a terrible neck ache. But it’s an addiction that I am not willing to let go. Capturing the world in simple black ad white lines helps me makes sense of it.

Hope you like them. Also, if you have any suggestions, would love to read them in the comments section.

#1 The Strand

I heard about The Strand bookstore in one of the news articles. Apparently it is one of the best bookstores in the whole world. Located in the corner of East 12th Street, in the neighborhood of Manhattan, it welcomes you with a tome of books on either side of the door. All kept under the burning sun for passersby to peruse. At discounted rates, a thick travel book about Ireland is definitely a good buy. We enter, and there are just shelves and shelves of books. Enough for one to play a good game of hide and seek. And if its not books, then it is The Strand merchandise. Bags, T-shirts, sketchbooks, etc. We spent a good 30 minutes just walking in the aisles, surrounded by books, just too confused to pick just one.


#2 Newport Center selfie corner

Right when you enter the Newport Center mall, on the left side is a colorful selfie spot. The backdrop is a nice scenery, with the ropes of the swing ending right on top of a tall stool. You can sit on the stool, and act like you are holding the rope. It is fun and creative. In this sketch, while everything else is as is, I took the liberty of getting rid of the stool legs.


#3 Times Square

This was just a few minutes before we entered Radio City Hall for Ludovico Einaudi’s concert. It was a Saturday evening, and Times Square was buzzing with activity. A sea of people floated in front of us. Tons of people rested on the steps, below the flashy billboards, taking snaps of what is probably the busiest part of America. After standing,  a little dazed, for a few seconds, we mixed in with the crowd, like thin brooks joining a river. And flowed we did, to our respective seas.


#4 Quill and ink

I had bought a set of quill and ink from Quincy Market, Boston, almost five months ago. It came with a nicely yellowed, almost archaic-looking, crushed, parchment. I had forgotten about this buy, until recently when I had an urge to write my journal with an ink pen. So I mixed the ink powder with hot water, and let it rest for a while, before filling my ink pen with it. There is something so primal about seeing fresh ink dry up on a white page.


And here is what I did with the parchment. Borrowed a quote from the coolest man, Ron Swanson (Parks and Rec, anyone?)


#5 Strawberries

It’s summer. Period.


#6 The Halal Guys

Just done with the Ludovico Einaudi concert, we were starving, and my heels, still not broken in, were biting my feet. However, we walked the extra mile, to the ever-crowded road-side eatery The Halal Guys. While it is best known for its gyro and chicken, we, a bunch of vegetarians, wanted rice with falafel. We waited for almost 20 minutes in a long queue. Only to be told that the vegetarian meal is over. Such is the demand of this dimly-lit mobile food joint.


Until the next five.

Happy weekend all!


Beach side story: sketch #21

Yearning to feel the sand on our toes.

A bright morning. The sharp light of the sun fought its way through the blinds and coated the couch, table and the carpet with a soft yellow glow. Sipping a hot cup of Earl Grey tea at the patio, I caught sight of a tree that looked like a bunch of pink cotton candies strewn together. It has begun. Spring is finally here. Maybe it’s the tree, or the woman who was walking her pet, or simply the sugar in the tea, I turned to my husband, and said, “Let’s hit the beach”.

An hour later, we found ourselves in the car, dressed in shorts and airy shirts, and with a heavy bag containing snacks, beach mat, and lots of Calamansi juice. An excellent drive under the vast expanse of never ending cloudless skies. The sun was right above our heads, and the wind…ooh, the wind was a little chilly. Never mind, we thought, and rolled up the windows, and kept driving. But as we got closer to Rehoboth beach, and saw groups of people walking by, every single one in at least two layers of clothing, we realized that maybe, just maybe, it was not the best time to hit the beach.


We parked the car, stepped outside, and in response to the first wave of cool air, thousands of goosebumps sprouted on our exposed skin. So we gingerly walked to the boardwalk — two under-clothed specimens, objects of everyone’s stare — and took two wide shots of the beach, before hopping back into the air-conditioned warmth of our car. From the rear view mirror we saw the pure blue of the Atlantic Ocean outlined by a strip of yellow brown sand. An enticing image, which like everything else in life, can only be enjoyed after a good amount of wait.


This sketch is inspired by an illustration by Danish artist Zindy SD Nielsen. To see more of her works, click here.

Think yellow

The clouds shall pass.

On a cloudy day such as today, dare to dream about a whole lot of yellow. Think of the Sun and the sunflower… of a jaunty dragonfly flapping its paper-thin wings in the summer breeze. And a bright red ladybug taking an afternoon siesta on soft yolk-colored petals.


I did this acrylic painting for my sister. I wanted something bright, sunny, positive and fun; something that would be a constant reminder of summer and the lively days it brings.  The painting is inspired by Romanian artist Meda’s work. You can check out her site here.