Landshark reborn

New art on old bottles.


A bowl of hot sauce potato chips. Another bowl of salt and pepper potato chips. A large game board with miniature trains of different colors. We are in the first round of Ticket To Ride. A game that requires us to build routes between different places in the US.

Five of us sit around the rectangular board, holding a pack of paper tickets in one hand, and cold bottles of Landshark Lager in the other. With each turn, a mouthful of cold beer is gulped down. A handful of chips is chewed on.

And somewhere between blocking and building routes, between disagreements and misunderstandings, between a taste of victory and bitterness of loss, the bottles are empty. They are moved to the far corner of the kitchen island, and soon all hands hold new cold bottles, with condensed drops of water running down the fingers.

After a round or two, they are discarded too.

For months the bottles remain among a clutter of unused cardboard boxes, broken frames, and Food Lion paper covers. Until one day, when they are taken out, cleaned, painted on, and given a new life. A second life that allows them to be part of the game called life.


A Landshark Lager vase with cupcake flowers. I used a paper tape for the lines on the body.
A black and white Landshark Lager.

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Second life

Every bottle deserves it.

Empty bottles of Moscatos, Merlots and whiskeys clink inside the cardboard box where they wait for their second life. It’s been a good ride for them. The alcohol that they sincerely carried inside, under the pressure of tight brown corks, is finally consumed over cheers followed by uncontrollable fits of laughter. Now, they await to be stripped off the sticky labels,  given a wash, and morphed into an elegant showpiece, as which they will remain till eternity… they await their second life.

Bottle 1, wanted a color pattern that would go with the piano woman art work.
All I had to do with this Dalmore bottle was paint it black except for the silver elk on top. So classy just the way it is.