First snow

Celebrating the season’s first snow as the world gears up for the 80th anniversary of the Disney movie Snow white and the seven dwarfs


Our old car looked like a white sheep at the end of the day. Scroll down to see our new car. And do not call it a black sheep.

I experience snow for the first time when the Disney movie Snow-white and the seven dwarfs hits a milestone. It’s been 80 years since the movie premiered at the Cathay Circle Theatre in California. And as we approach closer to the big day (December 21), the Swann Galleries in New York gears for a big sale of the original sketches of the beautiful Snow white and the seven dwarfs by Disney Artist Ingeborg Willy.

But the exciting news apart, Claymont, Delaware had the first snow of the season this week and it was beautiful than anything that I have seen in movies, picture postcards – even beautiful that Snow white herself. While the roads looked like there had been a massive lemonade slush spillage, the trees were giant paintings done using brown paint and white highlighter. Grass blades drowned in whipped cream and the roads floated in beds of fog. The cars looked like a pack of overgrown sheep resting together. Groups of men and women with pink nose and ghost-white finger tips made round cold balls with scoops of snow and mercilessly aimed at each others’ necks. They came back shaking, their noses a shade of paprika by then.

There is something about watching the flakes (which btw look exactly like the snowflake icon on WhatsApp) free fall from the sky. So weightless, they are like drifting pieces of paper – like torn love letters, or confetti, or a burst of cotton after a pillow fight. And when they settle slowly, it’s almost like someone is gradually switching on imaginary bulbs that light up the ground all across the town.

Now, what kills the romance is the numbness in your feet after you walk on the beautiful lit ground and when your gloves and hat feel like fabrics made of ice. So then, the second best thing to do is sit by the window and sip on some hot chocolate while you see the town getting painted white, and maybe fall into a death like sleep and hopefully get woken up by a charming prince’s kiss.