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On writing features

It’s been a delight to work on a range of topics for Mashed since June 2020. Each article opens up a new world with its own vocabulary, feel, and flow.

My most recent piece for the publication was on the Food Network celebrity Alton Brown. His world is a blend of science, food, pop-culture, and filmmaking. More than the hard-core facts that defined Brown’s life, such as his birth place (Los Angeles) and his claim to fame (Good Eats), I also learnt that he coped through his tough childhood (his dad passed away when was just 10) watching Jacques Cousteau and listening to Beatles’ Sgt Pepper.

The story, though charts Brown’s life in a simple linear format from 1962 to now, what remains precipitated in my mind are small things like a quote he loves: “laughing brains are more absorbent” and a belief that he abides by: pop-culture builds intimacy between a viewer and a show.

Here’s the published piece on Mashed. Would be nice to know what y’all think.