At Fado Irish Pub: sketch #7

Dance like no one is watching.


It was a Saturday night. Guinness after Guinness was downed. And after much waiting, and then maneuvering, my husband and I found a spot to place our beer mugs, and groove to the live music which shifted from King Leon’s Sex on Fire to Gloria Gaynor’s I will survive, in a gulp’s time.  With Saint Patrick’s Day round the corner (March 17), everything was already beginning to look green. Men wore green t-shirts, and women, green little sparkly hats. And they danced in abandon. Just like the couple right next to us. The song grew louder, so did their steps. And I only wished the platform cleared a bit for them to do their routines, like in Another Cinderella Story when Selena Gomez and Drew Seeley do the Valentine’s dance tango.

The original illustration is by artist Andy, he goes by the username andythelemon on Tumblr.