You are running, trying to dodge, panting and shrieking,

You try to camouflage, you try to fool, you try to calm the soul which is freaking

You try to climb, you hang on to a rope, as the floor beneath you is creaking

But change draws on you, enveloping you with darkness,  like the dusk which is breaking


You try to argue, you try to pacify, you try to convince it to move aside

You try to fire,  you try to stab, you try to prevent it from getting inside

You try to make a deal, you try to bribe, you try to convince it to stay outside

But change , shameless and stubborn, sweeps in to permanently reside


You try to adjust, you try to be at ease, you try to find comfort with the new ambience

But inside, you burn, you regret, you can fool your mind, but not your conscience

You try to forget, you try to replace the thoughts, you try to cover the erupting emotions with silence

But change, without an ounce of mercy, continues to rip your insides without your acceptance


You try to look, you try to notice, you try to hunt for the signs which melted your heart

You are shocked, you feel troubled, you feel vulnerable, the time has pulled you so much apart

You try to seek a connection, you try to bring the past, you try to place the blame on someone’s part

But change, though the actual culprit, stays mum, enjoying the confusion as if it were an art.


You try to pretend, you try to keep a bold face, you try to see things as if they were right

You argue with your past, you shut your agonies; you force a smile and try to look bright

You know it’s irreversible, there is no second chance, you welcome it ignoring the inner fright

Cuz change says “I am the only thing constant in this world, and  yh, everything will be alright.”