Manhattan’s elite: sketch #3

Sketching an ode to Gossip Girl



Done with six seasons. I started watching Gossip Girl for the glitz and glamour; ‘it would be an easy watch, like Gilmore Girls or Grace and Frankie’, I thought. But after the first season, I realized that one had to watch it with quite a focus so as not to miss the plot, which changes almost every episode based on who is sleeping with whom. Having said that, it does succeed in giving a peek into a world where a million dollars is nothing, and a week doesn’t pass without a high-profile party, fund raiser or an art auction. It also, with ease, brings out the lifestyle differences between the residents of Upper East side and Brooklyn. Differences that cause a rift in relationships, and more importantly, give birth to scandalous sites such as Gossip Girl.


I made a sketch inspired from the original work seen on the blog