Do not miss these 5 exhibits at the Met

Three hours. That’s all we got to soak in the most of Goya, Rembrandt and Paul Rubens. That’s just a tiny portion of the exhibits at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Short of time, we whizzed past some of the Egyptian mummies, and Indian gods. I clicked the photos of some, and some, I tried…

Everybody needs somebody to love

This morning I woke up to a news (in Elle, People, etc) that the print of the painting that Prince Harry bought for Meghan Markle, is now available here. While the original cost a few thousand pounds, the prints are available between £599 and £799. It’s limited edition, and is numbered and signed by the artist….

Maid of the mist

The boat started to sail. Over 300 people in blue ponchos stood inside the boat eagerly looking at the waters below and the waterfall ahead. We were on the opposite end of the Maid of the Mist. Less crowded. Facing the Rainbow bridge which connected US and Canada. Many rushed to the upper deck of…

My little niece

We spent last Friday night at my sister’s in Ohio. I slept next to my two-year-old niece. After she was done with a bottle of milk, she told me a story about a tortoise. I understood half, imagined the rest. Later, since she couldn’t sleep, she swiped through multiple rhyme videos on YouTube. At some…

Go nuts

With a peanuts container.