Elephant in the room

Throw-away cardboards could make pieces of art: thanks to elephant Jess


We recently bought hoards of furniture for our home and are left with cardboard boxes and pieces that, honestly, are too neat to be mercilessly trashed.

So I decided to hoard them up, and think of creative ways of making them part of the home decor. My first attempt was a stand for Alexa.

For my second attempt, I decided to take inspiration from Jess.

This morning, I came across an article in Daily Mail about art by Thai elephants. The article included video of an elephant painting on a canvas using its trunk. The artist in action was Jess. Each painting of hers apparently sells for around $400 and more on an average. The money is used for important causes such as prevention of poaching for ivory.

Animal art is probably not a new thing. Everyone knows about Bubbles. The chimp who used to be Michael Jackson’s pet resides in Centre for Great Apes (which also is home to Jonah and Jacob who were cast in Planet of the Apes), and is a celebrity artist today. In July earlier this year, he was the highlight of the show organised by Frames USA & Art Gallery – which organised an exhibition in Miami featuring artworks done by apes. Apparently Bubbles’ fetches close to $1500 for an artwork.

Coming back to Jess. Since I cannot replicate her abstract strokes, I decided to stick with my silhouette work with a bright background.

I used a mix of FolkArt’s and Astle Art Supplies’ acrylic colours. And coated the painting with a layer of Pebeo Prisme Fantasy, after it dried up. Of course the piece won’t fetch a penny, but hopefully would have people discussing about the elephant in the room.