About me

I was the kind of kid who would rush back from school to do some collage. Images and the freedom to stick them in any fashion, complete with bits of texts torn out of magazines, was my greatest pleasure. And in this pursuit, I would refuse to throw pamphlets, used movie tickets, tea bag covers, letters from old friends, in the hope that someday they would find an apt space in my diary. And most times, that has been the case. Over the years, I realized that this interest probably has its root in my desire to hold on to life’s moments, enhance it by a potpourri of memorabilia.

I would like to believe that I started blogging for the same reason. Everyday is a package of experiences that is so exciting and new that it feels wrong not to record it. I shifted to the Sates from India last November, and moved in with my husband who works here. I feel like a student all over again. Right from placing your order in restaurants to taking a train or bus within the city – not to mention driving on the road, or going for a movie. And adding to the spice – the newness of my a-few-months-old marriage.

Nitish and I at our wedding reception in Chennai

I was a reporter in India for four years. Before which I was an engineer. I did my Instrumentation and Control Engineering, and landed an IT job in a multi-national company in South India. Four months into it, I decided that it was not my cup of tea and applied for a degree in journalism in the top college for journalism in India then. At Asian College of Journalism, over the course of 10 months, I learnt the terms editing, reporting, news features, and so on. Fresh out of college, I joined as sub-editor and reporter in The New Indian Express.

I was part of a small team of six which brought out a six-page daily. Sometimes, I ended up filing three stories a day. Despite the exhaustion, I was addicted to the pace and intensity of my work. It never felt wrong to bite off more than you could chew. Two years later, I jumped to a bigger media organisation, The Hindu, where everything was larger in scale. The team, the circulation, even the canteen. I had the opportunity to meet popular personalities such as Bollywood actors Hema Malini and Abhishek Bachchan; squash champion Dipika Pallikal and artists such as R B Bhaskaran and late S Nandagopal.

Starry Night and I, at MOMA

The move to the States was not an easy decision, for not many get a chance to do what they love. I loved what I did. Everyday, as I took my car to unknown streets to make acquaintances out of strangers, I thanked my stars. But I had another reason to be more thankful for. A life partner. Nitish Vasudevan, my classmate from grade six, and I decided to get hitched; and life has not been the same since. It has only been better. By multiple times.

I stay in Delaware now; work-wise, I currently volunteer with a couple of organisations. But more than anything, I feel like a student of life. Be it tasting the different kinds of wine, walking in and out of popular museums, baking the softest strawberry cupcake or shopping for the right patio furniture at Kirkland’s. There is always something to learn, to be better at, everyday. And what better way to enjoy this journey than share it with the world. With you.

Hope you have fun reading it. Please do let me know how you like it, or if you have any suggestions for me. I would be delighted to hear from you.