Moon gazing

Evenings meant a 30-minute walk around our parking lot brimming with cars hot and shiny under the 6 pm sun. Until a Friday came along coaxing us to shed the routine. We decided, instead, to stand in the glow of the moon, and lose count of the gazillion stars in the dark sky. We headed to nearby Augustine beach, a small beach along the coast of the Delaware river, from where you can see the Hope Creek Power Plant relieve smoke and a thin strip of New Jersey skyline coyly graze the shore. We parked our car, and through the sunroof looked at the sky turn color from hot orange to dark blue. The stars hid behind the clouds. The moon, however, bold and proud, stared right back at us. Birds, small and big, crisscrossed like a spray of black ink on blue canvas. Dragon flies and other bugs added, it was like a lively Jackson Pollock painting. We sat inside the car, quietly observing the moon admire its reflection on the Delaware river. The water, the moon, and a cleansing cool breeze exchanged whispers and grew familiar with the young night. The clouds, however, gathered speed as if in a rush to enter the new dawn. Just then, the street lights came to life, swallowing with them the lively drama, and our little hope to lose count of the gazillion stars in the night sky.

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