Life in the time of Covid-19

My heart goes out to small businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals who are having it rough in these uncertain times. All news seems grey – almost as if a giant cloud has lodged itself in the sky perennially. But the sun shines the fiercest when it pierces through the pillow of clouds. Now, more than ever, it’s important to look for those sharp streaks of sunlight.

Since March second week, when the lock-down began in the United States, my husband and I have been strictly adhering to the ‘Stay Home Save Lives’ motto. In the beginning, the weeks, which had become open and fluid all of a sudden, demanded some structure. Our home had to be rearranged, spaces created, to accommodate the new lifestyles of two working adults. Visits to the supermarket reduced, and bags of vegetables in the freezer increased.

I would remember this lock-down as the time when mornings were about sipping coffee unrushed, sitting next to a windowsill lined with well-nourished plants, and evenings were about whipping cake batter without a recipe, watching Brooklyn 99 with warm dinner bowls in our hands, and solving crosswords till sleep conquered.

I would remember this lock-down also…

…as the time I asked strangers/friends to send photos of their home office set-ups, and carefully recreated them in black and white illustrations.

(To see the entire series, click here)

…as the time I binge-read books set in Paris.

…and as the time I opened a new account on Medium to write stories focused on art trends and art news. I have been writing artist interviews for a wonderful Philadelphia-based magazine called Artblog, but I had so much more to tell, and so often, that I had to start a blogging account to pour out my words. Follow my art writings here and here.

Life in the time of Covid-19, most importantly, has been about putting in consistent effort to stay positive. It has been about embracing the negative, accepting the lows, but also calmly, like a big round balloon, floating out of it, above it, and into the crack between the clouds where the sun always shines the brightest.

How is your life in the time of Covid-19?

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