Ice skating

Biweekly drawing challenge Theme #3: Winter Sports

A one-day trip to New York City. We had wandered in and out of the dove-inspired Oculus, taken a photo next to the charging bull, and scanned the beauty of Empire State Building from outside. Our bus back to Philadelphia was in three hours. After a quick tour of New York Public Library, and a meal at Indikitch, it was time to head to Time Square. But just a quick stop at Rockefeller Center, one of us suggested.

We saw rows of flags of different countries standing tall, brightly lit trees, and a bunch of people gliding smoothly on an ice skating rink. While some kids, cheeks pink, whooshed passed us on their steely skates, some others slowly gathered courage to leave their parents’ hands and skate solo. A group of teenage girls giggled nervously while making their way forward in a loud human chain; couples whispered, too eager to save the other from falling.

We stood by the railing, soaking in the diverse crowd, the cacophony of different voices… painting in our minds, a picture of the NYC that we wanted to take back with us.


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