From the shores of Pondicherry



I traveled over 8,000 miles to stand here and look at the waves of Indian ocean try to catch my feet. I looked at the wild frothy water getting tamed by the shore. Pondicherry (officially Puducherry) was surreal. The wind almost swept away my bow tie, as we zoomed past thick woods on a two-wheeler. I sat, my bill shivering, as we veered past a mind-boggling number of vehicles that were too close for comfort. I saw plates of steaming rice, garlic naan, and paneer tikkas come and go. I saw people wash it down with chilled mugs of beer. Left with a deep longing for my juicy squid and krill, I called it a night. We went to a forest full of thatched huts, and a lake full of lotuses. At some point, I saw a flock of storks take off from a small island, and at another, almost brushed my plumage with the furs of stray kittens and puppies. This has been by far my best vacay. So much color in my otherwise black and white life.




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