Meet Doah


We found this little guy inside a souvenir shop at Shanandoah Caverns. After picking a couple of bottles of fruit vine and a block of fudge, we were casually scanning the racks of postcards, necklaces, and stuffed toys, when we saw him. Next thing we knew, we had paid for him at the counter, and placed him on top of the car’s dashboard, where he sat staring at the fall colors, all the way from Virginia to Delaware. Besides being adorable, Doah is a talker. He loves to tell stories, and even as I write this post, he, in his wobbly gait, has approached the keyboard to say hello to you all.


It’s good to have an audience. I have been next to the Shanandoah caverns, listening to the elevators move up and down, and looking at hundreds of strange faces every other day. Now, I have a home, a sleeping pad, and weekend plans. I love the voice of Google Maps, as she takes us to different places, new adventures. My favorite spot is on top of the car dashboard, right below the car perfume. It’s been just a few days, but I already feel acclimatized to the new household. And I do feel a long trip is somewhere in the offing. I see suitcases coming out of closets and hear conversations about shopping. I cannot wait to rest my penguin bum on a flight. Until later. 

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