Sketching my world

It’s been a long time since I posted anything. While travel is a major reason, there is also something else. Writer’s block. It’s a real thing. In the last one week, I did want to share numerous posts about numerous things that I saw, experienced. But sentences stalled, were erased, attempted again, erased again. The screen remained blank. Meanwhile, as the words ran dry, I got preoccupied with something else. Pen-sketching. I had recently bought a set of five Pigma Micron 05 pens, out of which two have already been used up to their last bit. I sketched on index cards, sketchbook, journal, and on canvas. (Expect a flood of posts of my sketches in the coming days.)

To start off with, here’s a recent sketch of mine. I sketched this on (last) Thursday morning. We had a very busy weekend ahead of us. Lots of driving, meeting people, and exploring the beautiful Niagara Falls. So in the calm (before the storm) of the weekday morning, I sat with my cup of tea outside in the patio, and sketched the beautiful apartment that I stay in. A slight breeze tickled my feet, and the ever so melodious chirping of the birds kept me going, as I started from the roof, and worked my way down, one floor at a time.





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