California diaries – Part 1

A six-hour long flight from Philadelphia to San Jose, with a one-hour stop over at Phoenix. We finally reach Santa Clara after a 15-minute drive from the airport. There is a little exhaustion, but more excitement. It’s my first time to the Golden State of California. In the glow of street lights, I spot the difference in architecture between the East that’s home, and here. There are no sloping roofs above the buildings, for one! We are being hosted by my husband’s brother and his wife, who work in the Bay Area. At their place, we dig into a hot bowl of rice and Indian curry, put our feet up and watch random episodes of Takeshi’s castle. What follows is a good night’s sleep.


Next day, we have a heavy brunch at an Indian restaurant called Kamakshi Kitchen in San Jose, and then drive to San Francisco for two hours. As we approach the Golden Gate Bridge, the Pacific Ocean unveils its blue self. Massive and intimidating, it shimmers like a sheet studded with a thousand diamonds. And on it, rests the sturdy, rustic, orange vermilion Bridge. The mother of all bridges. A man-made structure that is 81 years old, and as scenic as the nature it is surrounded by.


The wind is cold and violent. And any attempts of taking selfies seem futile.


But then, what’s a trip to the Golden Gate Bridge, without getting a postcard-fit picture?


We are back in the car to observe the ocean-mountain-bridge trio from a higher view point. There are multiple view points along the curves of the mountains. Families stop strangers for a group shot, bicyclists ambitiously peddle along the steep climb. We quietly observe the mix of blue and green in front of us. Giant ships slowly sail like snails on sheets of blue, and the wind creates turbulence making the ocean crease like folds on a fabric.


Back in the car. The road, like a wave, climbs and dives. At many points, the path, even just a few meters ahead, remains a mystery, until we reach it. Such is the steepness. We step on the gas pedal and continue the climb. Next stop: Crooked lane.


Instead of driving along the crooked lane, we decide to walk it. We walk along the pavement of the road that is almost like a zig-zag maze. Cars and segways carefully meander along the narrow road that curves sharply after every few feet.


Meanwhile, we take our time to smell some flowers…


…and explore some vertical gardens.


At the end of the crooked lane, we turn back and see a swarm of lush green bushes guarding, and almost hiding, the grey tar roads between them.


Next stop: Pier 39. We are welcomed by a live piano concert by artiste Caroline Dahl. She is a composer of boogie-woogie and American roots music. If you are wondering what that sounds like, click here.


We halt for a few minutes and then float away along with the rest of the crowd into a sea of people hopping in and out of a hundred stalls.


On one side, rows and rows of boats rock gently on still water.


On the other, a lone boat violently bobs up and down to make it to the dock.


We walk past merry-go-rounds.


A giant leafy sea horse.


A neatly-laid piano staircase.


A railing full of locks.


And finally walk to the edge of the pier, where hundreds of seals laze around on the docks. Some barking, some pushing fellow seals into the water, and some sun-bathing without a care in the word.


We shop for a few pair of socks, and a couple of posters, before stopping for tomato soup in a bowl of sourdough bread.


By the time we are out of the Pier, the sun has begun to set. The Oakland Bay Bridge comes alive with a string of lights suddenly lit, marking a perfect end to our Day 1.


I’ll be back with notes from Day 2, soon.

Until then, happy travels y’all.





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