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Box them right

June is a month of birthdays as much as it is a month of travel, for us. All our near and dear ones are getting older and wiser, even as WE are gathering experiences and miles. It is that time of the year, when besides shopping for ourselves, we are laboriously looking for the perfect gift for our loved ones. Amazon pages are scrolled endlessly, carts are filled, and payments are made. Then comes the final touch. We look for ways to make the packaging for interesting. Witty lines, red ribbons, shiny covers. More recently, I have taken an interest in sketching on gift boxes. Unlike the conventional paper wrap, this, I believe, is more personal. More intimate.

Like this gift box. We had a friend visiting us from India. So we packed some Philly souvenirs in it, and…


Customized it for her. She loves coffee and shopping, and LN are the starting letters of her first and second names.


For another friend, we decided to gift a cigarette case. I sketched a kitty peeping from above the label.


Hope they have as much fun un-boxing their presents as I had sketching on them.

Happy June everyone!

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