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Black and white beauty

Finding art in trash Challenge: #18

I remember, it was mid-week. I was sleep deprived, the last of my tea packets was over. I gathered all the empty boxes of Wagh Bakri Instant Tea (try it, if you haven’t yet), and walked to my desk. Quite mindlessly, I took a paint brush, and colored all of them jet black. I paid attention to every stroke, and lost myself to that process. LP’s Lost on You ran in the background. Once done, I sat looking at the three black boxes, and as if in a reflex, picked up three white index cards from the corner of my desk. I sketched. Then sketched some more. Random sketches, with no common thread whatsoever. Now they rest above the headboard in my bedroom. Three black and white sketches to brighten up the grey days, when any.

The sketch of the cow was inspired by a wood block print by artist Lisa Toth and the boy with a surf board, by an illustration by artist Luke Dixon.

The before image (below):


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