When Yanni came to Philly

A cloudy evening, with forecast of a heavy downpour. As we step out of the car at the Mann Center, Philadelphia, waves of cold wind slap our faces. There is still an hour to go before Yanni steps on to the stage to perform ’25 years of Live at the Acropolis’ concert. Outside, thunder and lightening brew in great speed. Heavy sheets of rain cover the open center like transparent walls. Ten minutes to go. The hall is almost full. Yanni comes to the stage, there is a spring in his step and a perpetual smile on his face. His fingers seem to float on the keys of his keyboard. Swift, gentle, effortless. Before we know, every instrument on stage is in sync. And then something tugs at our heart with a piercing force. Armenian violinist Samvel Yervinyan’s notes. He gently runs the bow on the strings, and coaxes them to produce a sound that is close to magic. Emotions hit the roof, eyes swell with tears, and the heart wobbles like a pound of slime. And when the music comes to end, there are claps, hugs, and bows. We slowly stand, even as a myriad of freshly-poked thoughts (courtesy the music), run reckless. We stand in Motion.

P.S. My article about the show was published in The Hindu newspaper. Here’s the link.

IMG_20180512_210210 (1)


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