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From kitchen to living room

Finding art in trash Challenge: #13

Ginger garlic paste. An essential ingredient in most of the Indian curries, going by my mom’s recipe book. A spoon-full of the pungent paste is scooped out of the glass bottle, and mixed with finely chopped onion pieces, once they turned golden brown in medium heat. What’s common between bhindi masala, aloo masala and biryani? Ginger garlic paste. So every time we dropped by an Indian store, we dropped a bottle of GG paste into our basket. Over the months, the bottle size matured from small to large.


The last small bottle of the GG paste (above) was turned into a home decor (below); and so it still continues to brighten up our dinner. Just in a different way.


And if you are wondering what I did with the lid… ever thought of accessorizing your vaporizer?



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