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Take it easy

Finding art in trash Challenge: #7

Ten Espresso capsules in one sleeve. We buy 12 such. A coffee capsule is something that you put inside the mouth of an Nespresso machine, to get a hot cup of Espresso out. Every morning, while I empty a packet of White peony tea into a hot cup of water, my husband feeds the coffee machine two Espresso capsules — the result is a potion of Arabica and Robusta that wipes out any remnants of last night’s sleep.

The sleeves that contained the capsules.

Over months, the number of capsules decrease, and the number of empty sleeves of Indriya (coffee from India), Kazaar (from Brazil) and Vanilio (from Central and South America) increase. Stacked one on top of the other, it’s soon a mountain of proof of the amount of caffeine consumed by us. I use them to make a home decor that, just like the capsules, helps one kick start the day with a sense of lightness and cruise through it with ease.

The illustration is inspired by a pin I stumbled upon on Pinterest. 

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