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Can can

Finding art in trash Challenge: #5

It is a blah evening, as Thursday evenings are. After binging on Parks and Recreation for hours, we decide to save ourselves from being couch potatoes and do something fun. “How about we play a game?” asks my husband. I nod in negative. I have no energy to plot and scheme. All I want to do is lie in a hot tub and see a bath bomb fizz into nothingness. Only, I had already spent a couple of hours doing that earlier in the day. “How about we go for a drive? A walk? Have an ice cream?” I keep knocking off every option, and realize that there is a certain joy in saying ‘No’ mindlessly. I get reminded of the ‘No No No‘ fun intro from The Office series, but am quickly brought back to the ‘blah-ness’ with the question: “Okay, do you want a drink?”

A question to which I say ‘I do’ without a blink. We open two beer cans. I choose Day and Night, a blonde ale with cold brewed coffee, and my husband picks the very bitter, but one of the best, they say, Focal Banger, by The Alchemist Vermont Brewing Company. And over cold sips, we talk about life, universe and everything, soaking in the warm breeze at the patio with a well-rounded moon as our witness. The next morning, after a hot cuppa, I rummage in the bin for the two cans, trashed – fortunately not crushed – casually by us last night. With one of them, I make this hanging decor. A can can dance on an empty can.


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