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Uncork your creative juice

Finding art in trash Challenge: #3

Most weekends, our home is filled with guests. Whoever comes, brings along a small something. Over the months, we have received photo frames, vases, cans of beer, paintings, etc. Last week, two friends of ours brought us an adorable pack of macaroons. ‘Woops!’ macaroons. While the contents were gobbled up in a day, what was left was a cute box, which honestly gave me a greater rush than all the sugar in the colorful small biscuits inside it.


So I saved the box, and decided to turn it into a home for all the corks that we had  been collecting so far. The box in itself was a nice shade of pink and green, so I left two sides as is, save for bordering them with thin strips of green tape. I painted the other two sides with a mix of Oatmeal and Cayman blue colors. And on one, I sketched a girl hanging upside down from a branch, throwing a large cork from her hands into the box.

The result was this funny home decor-cum-cork stand which, I thought, would go best in our liquor shelf. A tribute to all the bottles that we uncorked, drank from, and shared some laughs and conversations over.


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