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New business card holder

Finding art in trash Challenge: #2

Trash day. I lazily take out the bin from under the sink. Used tissues, bounties, toilet paper rolls, papers scribbled on, an empty yogurt container, and… two cute oyster pails. Like a robber in my own house, I slowly lift them out by their delicate metal holders, and place them separately, while I go and throw the rest of the trash downstairs at the common big blue bins. I feel like a scavenger, looking for something of value in a heap of trash. Once back, I remove the lid off one of them, and clean the inside with a wet tissue and then a dry one. Now, it looks like a sturdy container that can hold pencils, pens, charcoal bars, candies, my entire set of acrylic tube colors! A few more minutes of brainstorming, and I find the perfect job for my oyster pail. To hold business cards. So I take inspiration from an illustration that I had seen in a pin on my Pinterest feed, and sketch it on the Chinese take out box. For finishing touches, I write my blog name on the bottom and website name on the back. And now, it sits on my table, waiting for me to fill it with my business cards. In the meanwhile, obediently holding the business cards of others whom I have interacted with.


IMG_20180426_155740_Bokeh (1)

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