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‘Rampur’ whiskey in new light

Finding art in trash Challenge: Day #1

Every once in a while, while walking along the aisles of Total Wine and More, we discover something new. Some remain a one-time buy. Some others earn a permanent slot in our  shelf.  Though it’s said that one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, when in quest to try something new, we largely go by the shape and color of the bottle. And in some cases, the name.


A little intrigued to find the name of a small town in India written on the cover of a single malt whiskey, we pick it up, and bring it home. The bottle, wrapped in a cream silk pouch, we find, is placed snugly inside a cylindrical box, like a treasure. We learn that there is indeed a distillery in the state of Uttar Pradesh, which makes this pepper spice and dry fruit infused whiskey in limited quantity, and exports it to international locations, including the US.

Several days, and several sips later, though the bottle remains half full, I take its well-rounded, smooth cover to paint a little stand. A home decor, which could be placed anywhere…

Behind the knife stand.


Next to the magazine stand.


Or, a tall vase.



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