Make a blah day better

With some colors.


I started the day with a giant slice of pizza. The plan was to head to the gym, secrete some endorphins, have a coffee at the club house, warm down with a short walk under the bright sun. Then get some reading and writing done. Instead, I found myself having my third lunch while binge-watching Crazy Ex-girlfriend, by noon. Now that all my plans were down the drain, I thought I might as well have fun with the rest of the day that I had. I took out a canvas, and some red, orange and black to paint something that would perk me up. Give me the illusion of celebration. Have me drenched in music…slowly drift the gloominess away, and bring in a wave of fresh energy. The result was this.



It is inspired by an artwork by artist Elena Filatova. Hope you guys like the painting.