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Day at the Museum


“Can you untie my hands please?” asks a man pressed against a wall by a ladder. We barf incoherent apologies and walk on.

Orpheus Bound by Varujan Boghosian

Only to be stopped by another voice coming from a lady in white. “What you did there was not great. You know we are watching, don’t you?…”

Mademoiselle Pogany [III] by Constantin Brancusi
“…your every move, all the time.”

The Evil Eye by Enrico Donati

And just when we wonder how we can hear them all, we see this.


So we walk up to Picasso in the hope of having a hearty conversation and sharing some laughs. But he continues to stare listlessly at no one in particular. He refuses to talk.

Self-Portrait with Palette by Pablo Ruiz y Picasso

So does the little ballet dancer.

Little Dancer, Aged Fourteen by Hilaire-Germain-Edgar Degas

And Lady Eden.

Portrait of Lady Eden by John Singer Sargent

Some see us approach and turn their backs.

To the Universe by Rockwell Kent

Some others just bluntly ask us to go away.

Pythian Sibyl by Marcello

The toddlers scurry away in fear.

The Source of Life By Leon Frederic

Some simply start bawling.

Boy with a rooster by Adriano Cecioni

At this point, the golden girl Diana is almost tempted to release her bow.

IMG_20180304_153309 (1)
Diana by Augustus Saint Gaudens

So we seek refuge in the company of Andy Warhol’s Joseph Bueys, who seems to be the only one with kind eyes.

Joseph Bueys by Andy Warhol

Maybe the trick is to see the artworks through a new pair of lens, his look suggests.


Probably then, the art shall reveal some mystic truths.


You might be welcomed with a dance.

Tambourine Dancer I by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Some music.

Sonata by Marcel Duchamp

And a vase of flowers.

Sunflowers by Vincent Willem van Gogh

Served fish.


And cigar.

Dreams by Varujan Boghosian

And who knows, you might even be able to strike a conversation.

Boy with Toy Soldiers by Antonio Mancini

With those who seem as keen to talk to you as you are to see them.

Portrait of Madame Renoir by Pierre-Auguste Renoir


4 thoughts on “Day at the Museum

    1. Philly Museum does have a striking collection, and an amazing architecture. There was also a sculpture garden set outside the main building. It was quite something. I am glad that the post had you think about visiting Philly again 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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