Good morning!

It’s time to wake up.


The alarm rings. 7.30 am. The black out curtains try hard to keep away the light, but sunshine, as always, wins. It was a good night, a good sleep. As I brush my teeth, snatches of scenes from the ‘dream’ come back to me. Random, senseless, no drama. I walk to the living room, draw the curtains apart, and see an empty road, empty patios, and blinded windows. The world is still asleep. I hold that thought until the water is boiled, and wash it down with fragrant and refreshing Mint Tazo tea. And while I am at it, I write my journal. ‘Yesterday’ reduced to a page of words. And wonder what today would be like. But today is already happening. Right now. It’s time to go fetch words for tomorrow’s journal entry. It’s time to wake up.