The end of a challenge

21 sketches in 26 days.


This post should really have come yesterday. Anyway, as coincidental as coincidence can get, on the last day of my ‘A sketch a day’ challenge for the month of March, I got done with my sketch book too. Now, it is a bunch of pages, which would be shoved into a corner with the rest of my journals. Slices of memory, relics of the past.


It has been a good challenge – of course there were days when I, starved of any kind of inspiration, had to walk to my desk like a robot, take my sketchbook and pencil, and just start scribbling on the paper, hoping that a little rub of charcoal, would give rise to a giant genie of an inspiration. And most often it worked.

More than anything, just the ritual of putting pencil on paper, had me learn so much about the medium. And when I look back to the sketches that I did on the first few days, I am filled with the satisfaction that I do have come a long way. Though, I do not for a second doubt that there is still a LONG way to go.

Thank you to all the bloggers who took time to Like my posts. Each click has been a soft pat of motivation. I am glad that I could share this journey of learning with you all. I hope to continue sketching. But from now on, more for the sake of pleasure than challenge.