Blooming tales

Gearing up for the cherry blossom festival.


It will be another week before the buds decide to unfurl. As per the latest photos in, (yes, there is a site to keep track of when the trees decide to bloom en masse) the branches stoop with the weight of buds dotted along their length. Anytime between April 8 to 12, they would all, like chicks out of eggs, crack open into this world. Tonnes of them, all at the same time. Soft pink petals of one would touch the soft pink petals of another. And together they would made thick fluffy pink umbrellas. Under the shade of which you can walk for may be a week, or two, before they all drop down on the ground. Some coaxed by the wind, some out of their own will, they would lay – a fluffy pink carpet for you to step on.


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