Has it ever happened to you — the things that you just read about pop up more often than before you were aware of it? I experienced it the whole of last week. Frida Kahlo dived in and out of my days like a playful dolphin on a smooth bed of water.

See that rose bunch?

See that rose bunch?

I googled all about Frida when I came across a range of clothing inspired by her artworks, as part of an exhibition and sale in Chennai, and more recently, in a painting titled ‘Imagine Frida’ by contemporary artist Gayatri Gamuz at ArtWorld, Chennai. Apparently, the Mexican artist drew mostly self-portraits. See her works, and you will find a poker face with monobrows and a bunch of roses gathered right at the top of her head, like a well-arranged vase. As it turns out, the artist, who passed away a long time ago (in 1954) liked painting herself simply because “she knew herself the best.” Fair enough.

As far as the Frida-inspired clothes are concerned, they had large red roses spread across cute knee-length cotton dresses and kurtis. They looked much better in the canvas, hugging a thick black hair bun. More recently, a friend posted a status about seeing many women in Frida Kahlo look this Halloween (TV Presenter and model Kelly Brook was dressed so). Quite an easy look to emulate – smudge some kohl between your brows and a little rouge on your cheeks, pin a bouquet on your head and slip into a long colourful skirt. And you be the new Frida!

Just when I had finished stalking the Instagram pictures of the Frida-lookalikes, I struck another gold. Heard Museum in Arizona (US) is all set to exhibit over 200 vintage photographs of Frida, who was the wife of the popular Mexican artist Diego Rivera.


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