You want to fly high
But your wings are shred
By the righteous society
Plan, plan, plan, they say
Spontainity is blasphemy
Adventure is sin
Sit closed inside, they say
Stabbing your spirits
A hatred swells in you
Against society, against safety
Ravenous, you break shackles
A maniac, a trotter
You swim alongside the whales
Society is far behind
You dance in the rain
Folks curse you
You take it all
That’s not the world you seek
It’s out here under the skies
Pack your things
Even that little family pic
You don’t repel your family
Just love life more
And then comes opportunities
As you live with yourself
Stiching relations
Which you like
Wandering places
Which you want
Tidying up life
All your way
One day you look back
Where is the closed door?
Where is the hatred?
Eyes shine due respect
Hugs sense due love
Then you leave again
To your little nest
Far away from restrictions
Far away from society
Made with hays of freedom
Set on a branch of life


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