The local Harry!


The scar makes him conspicuous. T’he rims of his round glasses hide the dreamy look in his eyes. Aware of your gaze, he quickens his steps with his black robe flowing behind him.  That messy hair and pink pursed lips, it had to be the famous boy. You follow his flying black robe, and halt as he sways his wand and shouts –  ‘Expecto Patronum!’

“I always wanted a dragon to come out of the patronum charm, “ beams Hussain as he recollects his stint with the character of Harry Potter in the play, ‘Heroes’ by ASAP Productions, staged last year. “Oh yes, I was the chosen one. Just to enact the role though,” says the 22-year-old Harry look-alike, with a laugh. The play gave Chennai its Harry Potter and Hussain, the star attraction.

Today, Hussain sports a perpetual smile – be it to any kid pointing at him, to strangers who stare almost hypnotically, and to girls who vision their love lace Daniel in Hussain. “I like the attention that I get,” he says, blushing.  The red in his cheeks, you notice,  is similar to what Harry wore while asking Cho out for the  ball dance. “I had a girl friend in my school who resembled Cho Chang,” admits Hussain, who has been to ball room parties, sans Parvati Patil. And that’s the closest he has got to Harry when it comes to romance.

Ginni, you ask?

Let’s say, she should have been a lot more better on-screen to grab this Harry’s interest.

Life is not all honey and wine. Talk about the Gryffindor genes in him and he gives us a peek into his valiance. Biking in the Himalayas, walking on the frozen waters of the Langlong lake, trekking on the Changla pass and deep sea diving in Srilanka – the list could easily give him a wild card entry into winning the goblet of fire. But would Dumbledore give the gryffindor sword and sorting hat for his assistance?

Now that’s doubtful, since the Chennai born Harry boy says he  personally sees a lot more of Slytherin in him than Gryffindor. “My favourite character is that of Snape,” says Hussain.  As if to explain his disloyalty, he clarifies, nobody has ever sacrificed for harry as much as Snape did. Not even Dumbledore!

“I wouldn’t have wanted Snape to die,” he says with a sigh. And if he had his way, the wizard dupe would have made Hermione the headmistress and his wife Ginni as the Defence against the dark arts teacher. And of course, he would be a professional Quidditch player, working part time chasing the death eaters, if there were any. “I wanted nothing to end – Neither Dumbledore, nor Sirius and never the series,” says Hussain, who took to Harry addiction in his eighth grade.

Reminiscing about his past, he bents his head and presses his forehead. A premonition? No, he is just mind boggled how the author thought of all the flying unicorns and horcruxes and so on. “I am sure she was on LSD. Who else would think this way,” he jests, in his usual light-hearted laugh. And suddenly, you get reminded of the Harry at the Weasley’s place. Carefree and Happy.

Hussain the local Harry boy!

Hussain the local Harry boy!

The article was previously published in The New Indian Express on the occasion of Harry Potter’s B’day (July 31). Check out –



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