Let designs do the talking

Oozing class and grandeur. The etched glassware by Aarthi Sanghi, the quirky footwear by Plum Tree and the  handcrafted jewellery by Maya line, being exhibited at the Amethyst, have people turning into a shopaholic overnight.

Imagine a drinking glassware that has a zip running down its body.  Though set for visual appeal, the temptation to try and pull the zip down is over powering. While you are delighted unzipping the glass, yet another design catches your fancy – the dancing figures of guys and girls on the bowl that can kick-start a party even before ‘drinking up’!

With hand etched designs on tumblers, long –stemmed glasses, shot glasses, decanters, bowls, beer mugs and coffee mugs, Aarthi Sanghi portrays her strong sense of design through works, so fragile and delicate.

This delicacy extends to the silk threads, uncut stones and cotton yarn that are brought together to weave out a stunning necklace. The Maya line of jewellery is nothing like the conventional string with monotonous beads. Instead it includes layers of alternating bright and faded gold, with sharp lines of coloured cloth that shout out eccentricity. What makes this rare design unseen is the sudden burst of kundan like stones in the middle and vegetable-dyed silk threads forming a corona.

Like scales of fish, the gold pieces seem intricately woven, with an unlikely combo of translucent stones at the contours. Funky, traditional and eclectic, the necklaces are sure to add a refreshing element to ones wardrobe.

But no wardrobe is complete without a complimenting footwear. A hit at the aesthetic front and handicraft designs, the plum tree footwear smudges the boundaries of tradition and modernity. Hence, one can see the subtly simple lines, the quirky combo of colours and flashy flowery patterns on a neat comfortable base of leather.

A one stop shop – Mix the sophistication of glasses, the boldness of necklaces and the sassiness of sandals in your shopping palette to get that hue that defines you.

The works are proced from Rs 1000 onwards.

The article was previously published in The New Indian Express. Check out http://epaper.newindianexpress.com/c/1441616


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