Seeing mediocrity as an offence


I wrote this SOP for one one of my talented friends who wanted to join the placement club in his college — an experiment which let me put myself in his shoes and write on his behalf. It was quite exciting, I must say. 


The world would have been a tragic place if Beethoven just composed the tunes for his ears or Picasso installed all his paintings in his storeroom. The journey of fame, as I know it, started with the product of their talent being thrown open for public consumption.

I can analogise this with the bottled up talent of the millions in our country, or zooming out, to the hundreds in our college. The Placement club, the most prestigious one as I see it, is that platform which helps the talent be put to use for the society.

Being a part of this club would help me practice the principles which I have always believed in – to negate the boundaries. Everyone can stay comfortable inside their cocoon, doing their bit and then nestling up in the warmth again. It requires a sense of RSVP, as I to call it – Responsibility, Sincerity, Valiance and above all Perseverance – to come out of the cocoon and fly.

It is this RSVP quotient, that I rank higher than the other conventional quotients and which I believe, would give me an edge over others in the selection process.

Narrowing this edge would be the stack of experiences which I have gathered by participating in activities beyond the routine and mandatory – be it in school or college.

In high school, I maintained a fine balance  between sports and academics and managed to retain a commendable performance in both. With a stable foot in each, I would say, I gained a peak in my efficiency graph by volunteering in the events organised in the college, which polished my communication skills, gave me a knack of time management, made me take pleasure in team work and  brought in a sense of ease when dealing with challenges.

With these qualities in the bag-back, my days in college, while exploring the nuances of engineering and its application, also eyed on enhancing my management skills. While sports remained as a perennial extracurricular, my interests further branched out to giving seminars, conducting workshops and coordinating events. I learnt how to convince people, how to sell an event for its  worth and above all, I learnt the congnizance behind making a person participate in what you have to offer.

It is at this juncture that I realised my ability at juggling multiple responsibilities with an equal amount of attention for each, which I ardently applied in my work life as well. Being elected as the best orator in the team and best employee of the quarter stand testimony to my efforts.

The opportunity of being a part of this club would not be just the first step, but a grand start to a career which I passionately look forward to.

And of course, RSVP.



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