Shake a leg with the disney mascot

Clap your hands. Stomp your feet. Make some noise. Groove to the beat, echoed the music – And the kids obeyed every word of it.

Moments before the show began, the kids adjusted their Mickey caps and pulled at their mom’s sarees asking them to begin the show. How could they help? Nevertheless, the kids kept pulling. As the wait prolonged, few conceived their own theories of Mickey’s death, while a few others started yearning for the present cartoon stud – Chota bheem. Things could have gone out of hand, if not for the grand entry of Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Donald on the stage then.

But, again, “Where is Daisy and Pluto?” moaned one of the kids, pouting. The Disney magic’s ‘Musical show’ at Forum Vijaya mall, however compensated for their absence with the stompy numbers, the high-octane beats and of course, the sing-your-heart-out genre of music which had the tiny tots celebrating their Meeska-Mooska-Mouseketeer days.

While most stood in a sense of wonder, a couple of them recoiled, intimidated by the size of the characters, which were literally larger than life. “It is almost like a reassurance that their friends were not just pieces of fiction, but characters in flesh and blood,” said Mridhula, trying to get her 4-year-old to sit, who had suddenly turned into a ball of ecstasy.

It was time to acknowledge Minnie, who sashayed her way around the stage. The crowd went ‘Yoo-hoo’ with Micky running around Minnie, confessing his love. The song got the kids attention with – Oh, the old tomcat with the meow, meow, meow!- as they mewed till their veins bulged out and barked for –  Ol’ hound dog with the bow-wow-wow! – like a trained pack.

When Rohini Bakshi, MD, Licensing and retail, Disney UTV says that they added the local flavour by making Mickey dance to Bollywood number, believe it. Disco deewane by Micky and group got that disco move better than the ‘students of the year’ with their spring-loaded steps.

“Why should kids have all the fun?” smiled one of the parents as he continued dancing to ‘All is well’.  Following this, with Auntyji – a special dedication to all the moms – the stage saw an explosion of dance styles, pulling down Travolta from the top dancers chart.

“In 2006, we brought Cinderella, Snow white and Repunzelle to Chennai,” sais Jyotika Ahuja, Director-Corporate communications, Disney UTV. “This is the second time. It’s all about giving a live experience,” she added.

The show which has travelled to Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore before coming to Chennai, according to a parent, Lakshmi Prasanna, could have appealed to the crowd more if they had Mickey dancing to Tamil songs. Yet another parent compared it globally and said that people abroad show a lot more spirit and have lesser inhibitions.

However, Heena and her son, Laksh Virwani have no complaints. They seem to have had an easy way with the passes, which otherwise could have been availed only through contests or purchase of goods from the mall. While her son gets busy playing play station at the Disney Pixar cars zone, she is satisfied watching him rejoice the zooming cars.

The 10-day Disney rendezvous  had the kids marching home the Mickey’s march with their tiny legs stomping the ground and hands waving up in the air ‘woo’ing the mickey way.


The article was previously published in The New Indian Express. Check out the link –



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