While we ogled at Sonam’s Dolce and Gabbana and Vidya Balan’s Sabyasachi at the Cannes, there was a group working constantly on reforming the Indian fashion couture, right here in Chennai. The NIFTians, as a part of their graduation function yesterday, brought in a new light to fashion – surpassing its restricted definition of high heeled stilettos and flowing satins.

“If I can imagine a girl looking beautiful in a particular dress, I will go ahead and design it,” said Vishnu, the best outgoing student of NIFT ‘13, whose design collection, ‘Skeletons in the closet’, he says, was inspired ‘from skeletons and MRI scans.’ 29 design collections from the Fashion Design students, best 6 of knitwear design and top 5 of accessory design were showcased for the audience at Le Royal Meridian as a part of NIFT Graduation show, 2013.

An exhilarating journey in colour, an antonym to anything that is pale and bleached, Malini Menon’s Diabolic Winsomeness, which was picked as the best innovative design, gave a kaleidoscopic visual to the audience. Urban Tribal, designed by Pratima Maurya, was a subtle, timeless and zen-like collection and was noted for making an amalgam of traditional skills and contemporary style. Janani Senthil’s, Royal Exaltahtion, with the best embroidery techniques and opulent fabrics, flaunted a burnished brilliance of gilding.

A rest for the racing hormones, Pooja Pathak’s Ice Cream Blast had the kids meandering their way on the ramp and Sindhu Reddy’s ‘My Grandmother’s 60th anniversary’ targeted the supermoms. With ‘Sunshine’ by R S Priyanka, the stage was shone with a halo, as kids from the spastic society of Tamil Nadu confidently walked the ramp, few in wheel chairsT, amidst a roaring applause from the audience – a salute to style, affordability and tradition.

Plotting India on the global fashion platform, Amitabh Suri, CEO, Indian Terrain, said, “What we see in the Paris ramp is an extreme of innovation. It is not for the common man. For me, ‘fashion’ is what you look for in the stores when you go to buy new clothes.” Inspired by his business mantra to ‘focus on the consumers’, Siddharth and Rajesh, Fashion Technology graduates, have come up with commercially viable ‘patient gowns’, made with herbal-treated fabrics that keep bacterial infections at bay.

The course package at NIFT implies that a product remains invisible if not for the right business and marketing ideas. “There is a lot more to fashion than just the design and manufacture,” said Mythili, a fashion management student, whose winning project proposed amendments to current sports and toys merchandising guidelines.

As Coco Chanel said – Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.


 This article was previously published in The New Indian Express. Check out the link




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