Save Trees, Trees Save

Picture Source : Video Inspiration

Picture Source : Video Inspiration


She was stripped and raped before millions,

But she made herself believe it was not us but few aliens;

Why else do you think she stands erect gathering all her resilience,

To provide us food , oxygen and shelter throughout the four seasons.


Every night , she wonders about her fate at dawn,

Would she be able to greet the sun with that lazy yawn;

Her mates are dead in a battle they had forgone,

Now, she awaits her turn, death is pleasing than being forlorn.


Consumed with fear, the leaves once fresh, now grayed and withered,

She is too pained to decide whether to fight or stay a coward;

Before the first cut of axe, she asks “what have I erred?”,

But we have long since lost our sensitive hearts, her cries are left unheard.


What goes around comes around , do we realize that?

Every tree lost makes the world less amiable to adapt,

Having brutally sinned, are we ready to face the impact?

Our acts let them bleed, now let’s get ready to don their hat.


We can’t give birth to a battalion to fight the nature’s army,

Coz our Hitlers and Napoleons are no match for their blazing heat and tsunami.

These are conflicts , which cannot be resolved by a bishop or an attorney,

We are adhered to doom when the nature says “the war is between u and me”.



The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now – A chinese saying.



One thought on “Save Trees, Trees Save

  1. I agree with you that going to war with nature is the most self-destructive thing we can do. I think you all – people in their teens and twenties – are rightly concerned about this. . . Don’t stop caring. . . Maybe you all can do something about the damage that my generation has inflicted on this beautiful planet. Thanks for trying!

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