Covering (Sleep) Deprivation in ACJ

“But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep and miles to go before I sleep” – Robert Frost

It’s a 10 meter dash from the ACJ hostel to the main campus. The sprinters on close observation are seen to be having dark circles below their eyes, puffed up eyelids, unwashed hair and occasionally the same clothes from the previous night. On following their trail, it is further found that they have less than one minute for breakfast and even lesser time to position themselves in the lecture hall. The common lecture seems to be the perfect final abode after a thorough sleepless night. Hadn’t they humbly requested the management to fix the Air Conditioners in the hostel?

Rewinding to the previous night, 10 pm; the time when the dinner is served and the students are ideally expected to return to their respective rooms and engage themselves in good reading or sound sleeping. But what happens within the walls of the ACJ hostel is theatrical! There are live musical performances on one side, while Olympic level sports events (Table Tennis and Shuttle) on the other.  The audience is lulled by the tones of the guitar, the soft rustling of the trees, the occasional croak of the frogs and a perennial background noise of the crickets. As the hours sink deep into the night, the rules on the board get struck one by one.

The next morning brings in surprising stories. There would be few who experienced the wrath of a monstrous lizard, few who had turned hysterical when a gutter frog was thrown at them, few who had the cake smudged all over their face, few who took to washing their clothes for the fun of it, few who were caught red handed by the warden for not adhering to the long-dead rules, few who spent hours dancing to peppy tunes, few who apparated to different worlds and few who simply stayed awake wondering why they were still awake.


Responses to “When did you sleep last night?”

What was thought as a sever epidemic is now turning out to be a much revered lifestyle in the ACJ campus. No solutions are sought for and No suggestions are invited. This deprivation in sleep has after all seen a remarkable growth in the bonding among the inmates.

One of the host-elites gives her opinion about the trend.

A response given by one of them would conclude as an ode to the above lines, “After all wont we have enough time to sleep in our death beds !”


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