And you jumped off the cliff

We laughed and had our silly fights,

Sitting beside each other we spoke about our future;

You held my hand and your face lit under the street lights,

Slowly the lights blinded like the closing of an aperture.


I never for a moment thought you were unhappy in the cliff,

I tried to recollect our every possible argument gotten into a tiff;

Tried hard to find any possible reason, but never could sniff,

Still the memory of your jump ties my tongue and makes my body go stiff.


I was busy laying the bricks for our new home,

While you were admiring the layers of water beneath and the island beyond;

I saw the plans we made vanishing like the bubbles in the foam,

I never wanted to accept the sound in my head which sang about a weakening bond.


Oh darling, I was too much in your love to see you moving away,

You say I should have stopped you from jumping off on that sunny day;

The thought about your dissatisfaction with me, makes my head swim and sway

I could never have stopped you from enjoying what on the other side lay.


I hear that you swam through the waters and reached the lush island,

A place where you found yourself and your partner;

Oh dearest, as you live your days, there is one thing I remand,

Keep our memories and my love with you ever in honour.


I see you have come to see me after what seems like an abyss,

Oh wait love, let me camouflage the dryness here to an oasis;

Though am torn into pieces inside, I ensure you see nothing amyss,

A wave of good bye and contagious smile,

I have learnt to fence my sorrow within a paranthesis.


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